Feb. 18th, 2016

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It's surprisingly clear to me what the best new show of 2016 is (at least so far) - Lucifer, on Fox. It is only very loosely based on the DC Vertigo comic of the same name, and the shows basic premise is Lucifer walks away from hell, comes to LA to run a nightclub, and then teams up with an attractive young police officer to fight crime. [livejournal.com profile] teaotter & I decided to watch it to see exactly how terrible this impressively dubious premise would be. The first episode was fun, sort of shockingly so. Then [livejournal.com profile] amberite started watching it and we all enjoy it. It's surprisingly sex-positive (in some ways, it's more so than on any show I've seen), the focus is far more on the (well done) character interactions than the crime of the week, and in the most recent (4th) episode, there was a moment, where Lucifer was trying to seduce someone (which he does a fair proportion of the time) and the person entirely by accident turned the tables on him and Lucifer was suddenly both uncomfortable and deeply vulnerable, which I also didn't expect from this show. There's no question that it's fluff, but it's intelligent, fun, sex-positive, low-violence, non-offensive fluff. For the first few episodes, Becca and I were expecting the show to suddenly get far worse, because we assumed that the features that made it good were unintentional accidents, now I'm less certain that this will happen. They'll need to eventually come up with a reason by the police detective is "special" (because she most certainly is), and there's a truly obvious and very dumbly cliched explanation, that I've been assuming is the answer spoiler - highlight to read: she's a "truly good" person and so Lucifer's charms do not work on her, but this show might even be good enough to avoid that pitfall. We shall see, and in the meantime I'm definitely enjoying it.

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