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I’m currently reading over and editing the art guidelines I’ve written for Trinity Continuum: Æon, the SF game I’ve developing for Onyx Path (the second edition of the late 90s game Trinity), which is set a century from now and is very much a game with characters and organizations from all over the planet (as well as interstellar travel and similar niftiness).

After reading over my rather huge art guidelines (13,000 words and a basic world map that I did in GIMP (because national boundaries are rather different in places), I decided in the interest of representation to see what my numbers were for different sorts of characters that I’d mentioned (I specified sex and ethnicity in all of the descriptions so as to avoid having them all be white men). I wrote down every mention of white women, white men, women of color and men of color, and was pleased to see that my numbers for white women, white men, and men of color were all almost identical, while my number of women of color was half again as high as any of them (roughly 16 for each of the other 3 and 24 for women of color).

Other than attempting to be representative, I had not previously kept any sort of count, and so I’m very pleased that the only bias I had was a positive one. I’ve definitely decided not to alter this ratio

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