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Generally, all of it is moot; expanding the presumptive prescriptive norm can't work (and we can see it failing now); that's one of the reasons it's such a wretchedly persistent social mechanism. Once you accept that things are measured by their distance from correctness you can't think your way out, you've got to ditch the axiom, and ditching childhood axioms isn't a practical expectation. People get violently determined to "restore order" to the position of their axiomatic norm and you get roundheads (after Elizabeth Gloriana) and early Victorian public morals (after the Regency) and so on.

There's alternative sets of axioms that don't start with a presumptive norm (which don't result in infinite arguments about taxonomies) but that in turn comes down to education, and look at how hard the reactionary forces work to prevent and control education.

I entirely agree. In any case, the future is particularly unclear, since women are making increasing inroads into all professions (with the rather dramatic exception of IT, where the number of women working there is percentage-wise half what it was when I was in college), and this trend seems unlikely to reverse (especially with women being 20% more likely to have a 4 year college degree than men, at least in the US), while social change continues to lurch both forwards and backwards.
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