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Perhaps, but there's another factor at work. Effective contraception, combined with 2nd wave feminism changed gender relations in entirely new ways that the world has not seem before, and especially not since the beginning of organized agriculture (which prioritized calories over nutrition (especially among the non-wealthy) and both increased rates of pregnancy, and also maternal and infant mortality). In fits and starts, and often with 9.5 steps backwards for every 10 forward, we're gradually undoing several thousand years of deeply embedded gender roles in a couple of generations, and that's rocking all manner of boats, and causing many strange reactions, and various cultures and subcultures struggle to adjust to gender relationships that have been more or less in flux for the last 50 years.

I ultimately see lesbian and gay rights, and more recently trans rights as an extension of these changes, as various cultures are slowly undoing the long-standing duality of male superiority and female inferiority - as the strict hierarchy begins to fade, more freedom of expression becomes possible and more options for gender and sexuality can be expressed openly (rather than being hidden or denied). However, our cultures and subcultures haven't adjusted to these new options, and so there's no shortage of confusion as well as more than a few problems.
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