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A few days ago, I read a post by Warren Ellis where he gave a link to a multimedia web-page narrative by the musician EMA, which was in his words "It's as good an illustration of the effect of "fame" on work as I've seen, and of how much stranger and more corrosive it too often is for women.", in it EMA says
"Overall, I think becoming a personal brand was uncomfortable for me. I found it on some level dehumanizing and disassociating. To put it in the most rudimentary Marxist terms: I had become alienated from the product, and the product was me."

Here's her narrative, it's raw and fascinating, and requires scrolling down and then right to see it all.

In any case, I'd never heard of EMA before, but after reading that and discovering via wikipedia that she write music that is described alternately as drone-folk or noise-folk - both of these somewhat dubious-sounding terms were new to me, but I largely enjoy music on the borderlands of folk, so through the wonders of modern music purchasing, I downloaded her most recent album, The Future's Void. I've now listened to it three times and I enjoy it a great deal & highly recommend it. Then I got her previous album Past Life Martyred Saints, which I liked, but not quite as much.

In any case, discovering another musician who I like (and hope to see in concert sometime) got me thinking about how I discover new music and especially new artists. Recommendations from friends or comments like the one from Warren Ellis is one method, another is music on TV shows, primary shows on the CW - I learned of both James Vincent McMorrow and Agnes Obel from watching The Vampire Diaries. Perhaps the biggest source was fan vids - I discovered The Mountain Goats, Flobots, and Maggie Rogers that way. I used to learn about new music from the radio and music videos, but music videos effectively no longer exist as a large-scale creative endeavor, and while I occasionally still listen to the radio, I don't do so to find new music. Such is the changing nature of music and of information in general.

As for food - another experiment from Modernist Cuisine At Home - pressure cooker carmalized carrot soup sounded good, but it called for both carrots and carrot juice (the later being quite expensive if you don't want adulterated nastiness) and I was feeling more like squash, so I went with a version for butternut squash+lemongrass and coconutmilk. I kept the heat on the pressure cooker down, slightly more than doubled the 2 TBS of water they suggested, replaced the butter with coconut oil, and added 3 kaffir lime leaves, as well as some grated kaffir lime peel, and some lime juice at the end. The result was good, but still a bit flat, but a bit of habanero hot sauce (not enough to make it hot, but to give it a bit more freshness and life) did the trick and it was delicious. It didn't make much soup (3 cups for 1 can of coconut milk and 1 lb of squash), but it was exceedingly filling.

Place in a pressure cooker: 1 lb cubed (small) fresh butternut squash, 1 stalk sliced lemongrass, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp baking soda, 1/3 cup water, 1/4 coconut oil (or perhaps butter), and cook for 20 minutes (once the pressure cooker has come to pressure), keep the heat low and you'll brown the squash, don't keep the heat low, and I'm certain it would burn badly, mine browned a lot.

After that, take out the lime leaves, at the rest to a blender along with 1 can full fat coconut milk, 2 TBS lime juice (3 might be better), black pepper to taste, and a bit of hot sauce (not too much), and blend till liquid. Reheat and serve. It went well with a grilled chicken breast I marinated for 90 minutes in fish sauce (1/4 cup), lime juice (1/4 cup), 4 tsp sugar, some powdered kaffir lime leaf, and pepper.

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