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At long last, and a year to the day after the Kickstarter ended, Eldritch Skies is now available as a PDF on drivethru RPG. I'm exceptionally proud of it, the art and layout look awesome, [livejournal.com profile] amberite's fiction pieces are excellent and I really hope people enjoy the book (and buy lots of copies, especially since I get half of the profits for each book :)

Pre-orders for the print book will start very soon.
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I spent much of the last year working on a project that I've been wanting to write for years. This project is called Eldritch Skies. It's a SF game set in an alternate 2030 which I describe as Lovecraftian SF or SF set in the Mythos Universe. It uses Cinematic Unisystem rules [[1]], the system developed by Eden Studios and used in their games Buffy, Angel, and Ghost of Albion RPGs. However, this game is being put out by Battlefield Press. Jonathon Thompson, the head of Battlefield Press, and I are trying something different with this game, the funding for it is being done via the crowdsource funding site Kickstarter. If you are interested, please contribute - $15.00 gets you a PDF of the game and $40.00 gets you a printed copy.

Here's the kickstarter site for Eldritch Skies

In any case, here's a bit more about the game (from the introduction).Here's the general introduction to the game )

[[1]] Here's a general outline of the Cinematic Unisystem rules that I found on-line.

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