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[personal profile] teaotter and I both very much enjoy the Fast & Furious films, and we also both enjoyed the latest trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. After talking about that film and what we hoped it would be (and the fact that it introduced 2 new important female characters, that looked like a hell of a lot of fun, and that it would be even better if it included Thor, Bruce Banner/the Hulk, and maybe Valkyrie on a road trip around the galaxy), [personal profile] teaotter had an idea for a crossover between Thor and the Fast and Furious films.

I immediately ran with that, and together we came up with an idea for a film that would never be made, but which would make a truly awesome novel-length fanfic. You start out with Thor and Valkyrie wandering around the universe, and then the Fast & Furious crew get kidnapped into space, where they need to win a race to save the Earth from alien conquest or some similar (not particularly relevant to the story) goal, because some villain has a plan, and the race is part of it.

Obviously, Thor & Valkyrie are driving in the same race. You'd also want Loki in the race, where he seems to be working for the villain, but is in actuality being threatened into working for the villain (like one popular theory for what Loki was actually up to in The Avengers). For extra fun, toss in Darcy from the Thor films – in this case she was kidnapped by the villain and both notices that Loki is far more the villain's pawn than their ally, and helps convince Loki to get himself (and Darcy) out from under the villain's thumb.

The film or fic would then include car races though all manner of SF & fantasy terrain, presumably including a race along the back of the Midgard Serpent (with a few of the villain's actual allies' cars getting eaten by the serpent), as well as a climactic scene where Dom, Mia, and Brian (who you'd need for this) talk to Thor and Loki about the importance of family. When Loki objects that he's not actually related, Dom says something about how "family is about more than just blood" – extra points if Thor and Loki both bond over the fact that Odin is an abusive jerk.

Ideally, either Valkyrie manages to enchant the Fast & Furious team's cars ([personal profile] teaotter suggested that perhaps any steed Valkyrie uses becomes enchanted, maybe she helps out by taking each of the cars for a short spin) or (for a more gonzo approach) some of the cars end up with Infinity Stones (which by the end, stay with the cars, as Dom and Mia suggest that no one will think of looking for the Infinity Stones there). As a fic, there would also be some awesome Dom/Thor slash.

[personal profile] teaotter and I agreed that we'd watch or read the hell out of the result. Sadly, such a film will never be made, and I don't write fiction and it's outside the range of [personal profile] teaotter's fic, but it's impressively fun to think about.

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