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Yesterday, my partner [personal profile] teaotter had an interesting idea about incoming President Puppet, that he might not be lying in one of his recent statements – that he really is a germaphobe. Then, she did some research, and it seems to be true, up to the level that he avoids pushing elevator buttons and such. [personal profile] teaotter thought that this might be one of the reasons that he is so impressively unwilling to travel in planes and sleep in buildings he doesn't own. Naturally, my first thought is that people could weaponize the hell out of this. The easiest tactic would be foreign leaders to make certain to have some people sneezing or coughing around President Puppet, to both distract him and also to make him wish to cut the visit short and this give them anything they want to he can escape their germs. However, we might also be able to use this ourselves.

I'd dearly love to see people throwing dirty diapers at him (and to watch his reaction afterwards), but that would result in arrest and possibly being shot, so that's a terrible idea unless someone can figure out how to manage it and not get caught. However, if he goes with his (horrifying sounding) plays for frequent public rallies, then he'll likely need to be somewhat near the public when coming or going, and sneezing or coughing on or at least near him might be possible.

My ideal would be to reduce him to a babbling & terrified bundle of panic, but unsettling him would be a good start, and would make him more likely seem angry, weak, and also be more inclined to fight with Republicans in Congress, which is clearly to our benefit. Also, both because this is more of an issue for conservatives (according to Jonathan Haidt's research on "moral foundations"), and also because President Puppet seems to be a germaphobe, he almost certainly has unusually strong disgust reactions, and so promoting images of (especially of him) that include various disgust triggers might also help us.

Date: 2017-01-20 03:44 pm (UTC)
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===One of the things I have noted in a number of the "Conservatives" I have encountered that explore Kink, is that they are REALLY into the "forbidden/Degradation" aspect of the spectrum. This is one of the reasons (I feel) that they are so very gung-ho on making everything illegal of a sexual nature. It is their fetish.

===Your suggestion has merit...but it might also put the possible kink into overdrive. Considering that the fetish has a serious power over others/degrade others aspect...I would be concerned about the overdrive of this.

===(Imagine the dynamic of a club run by an entire crew of this sort, which is what that cabinet looks like to me...we are talking a government that makes me think of the wierder power groups of a Ellis/Morrison universe....getting off on the things that really disgust them.)

===I am really thinking of this in terms of an Unknown Armies reality....(sigh)

Date: 2017-01-20 03:49 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] rialian

===(the timing this showed up was about 20 seconds after I posted. Seemed appropriate.)(how did I forget Moore?)

Date: 2017-01-21 01:29 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] siderea
Interesting observation, and, you realize, evil. You're describing using someone's mental disorder against them.

Now, we are in one of those fascinating ethics hypotheticals, a la "Yeah, but what if it were Hitler?" Is it ethically acceptable to recourse to using someone's mental disorder to bring about their downfall to save all life on Earth?

Well, it seems to me that countenancing such an approach would require, to start, a deep certainty that the consequence of not using such an approach would be sufficiently bad to trigger a utilitarian evaluation that it would be worth it and an equally deep certainty as to a lack of alternatives.

I'm dubious of the necessity of the tactic "make him act crazier and more aggressive" – I think the natural unfolding of reality will do that for us – so I don't really think we even have the necessary pre-conditions to consider doing something this morally wrong.

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