Aug. 23rd, 2016

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[personal profile] teaotter's preparations for taking over her boss's business in January continue, and it's sometimes a bit odd to consider. I, and then [personal profile] teaotter, and I, and for the last 12 years, [personal profile] amberite too, have all been living at the barest bottom edges of the middle class, but with substantial benefits (such as our lovely house and a new car 2 years ago) from my parents, which allows us to live moderately well and without the fears of sudden disastrous expenses that many people I know have. However, we also have little room for additional expenditures beyond our normal, fairly frugal lifestyle. Our housing expenses are close to trivial, and so our single biggest expense is food, since I do the vast majority of the cooking and am quite picky about what I'll cook and eat and both [personal profile] amberite have (different) food allergies, which drives up food costs further.

However, while our situation will likely change only mildly next year, if (what will soon be) [personal profile] teaotter's business does well, in a year and a half or more likely two and a half, we may be doing not merely better economically, but much better, to the extent that occasional overseas travel and similar luxuries may be possible on our own, which is both wonderful and quite surprising.

Much of my self-definition has been as the mildly impoverished, somewhat dilettantish offspring of wealthy parents, and the practicalities of that are almost certain to change. One of the mot puzzling aspects of this is considering what all we might possibly spend considerably more money on, since there's only so much money one can spend on ebooks, and while I enjoy having excellent personal electronics, buying replacements for any of them more often than every 2 years seems to me wasteful to the extreme, and replacing larger items like cars remotely often seems to me deeply excessive.

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