Aug. 8th, 2016

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It's been an interesting week. On Monday, I traveled to the DC area to visit my parents. That same day, the Oregon Board of Accountancy met, and approved my partner [ profile] teaotter as a CPA (which has been a long and complex process, in large part because she's worked as a forensic accountant, and is the first person in Oregon to have used experience at a consulting firm to fulfill the accountancy experience requirement. The big next step happens in January, when she takes over the business she works for, since the owner will be retiring soon.

That was all awesome, but my visit to my parents was less so – my mom remains a combination of mean & controlling (which has always been true) and increasingly pathetic (which is far more recent), while my dad has early-middle stage Alzheimer's. He had very mild memory problems for almost a decade, following being struck by a car and hitting his head, but in the past years, he's gone from mild short-term memory loss to very frequent forgetting. The fact that their only local friends moved to Florida a couple of years ago only serves to make them more pathetic.

Following that, I went to GenCon for Friday and Saturday, which turned out to be quite productive. One company owner I wanted to talk to wasn't there, and two others I never managed to catch up with, but I did talk to one company I hadn’t worked for before, but whose work I love (and who pay moderately well), and should get some work, and have more work coming from another company that I recently started working for. Also, it looks like Trinity Continuum Aeon is moving forward again, which as the developer makes me very happy indeed, and what I saw of Scion impressed the heck out of me.

I didn't manage to social very well on Friday evening, both because of lingering stress from dealing with my parents and needing to prep more for the Mindjammer: Traveller scenario I ran Saturday, but Saturday was awesome. The scenario went exceedingly well, which always pleases me since I almost never run games. I both managed to do a good job running it, and prove that the rules I wrote and adapted worked really well. Also, in addition to several useful conversations, I got to hang out in the evening with a whole host of awesome people, mostly but not exclusively associated with Onyx Path Publishing, and had wonderful conversations on topics ranging from Star Trek to polyamory (which is surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly common among people in the gaming industry. That interaction definitely made the week a whole lot better. Now I'm home, and while very tired, also quite pleased.
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My favorite was when Neall Price referred to someone (who I don't know) as "an older poly man – like John Snead, but a wolf." In addition to being funny, it's always wonderful to be recognized for being what I am.

My favorite quote that *I* made at GenCon also involved Neall, when I was referring to two different sessions of the Scion demo he ran (which sounded awesome). When talking about how they ended – "There was the gang war, and the gang bang", which seemed to quite accurately sum up his report of how those 2 games ended.

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