Jun. 24th, 2016

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The most obvious news of the day is that the racists, neo-nazis, and ultra-wealthy tax dodgers won a major victory in winning the vote to cause the UK to leave the EU. With luck, Scotland will be able to escape the racist sinking ship a majority of British people seem to want. I also hope that the US public demonstrates somewhat more sense and self-preservation instinct in November, when we vote to elect either a skilled mildly progressive politician or a racist egomaniac con man running as a fascist.

However, that not what really struck me today. I like math, it was one of my majors as an undergraduate, and as a result I occasionally watch nifty math videos by Vi Hart, and a while back, I also encountered an interesting mathematical look at segregation she helped create. However, I never thought about what being a woman doing math on youtube must be like. Then, I ran into this video she put up a couple days ago, in response to the shootings last weekend, titled Feeling sad about tragedy. I ran into this impressively powerful video (which is largely about women, violence, and fame) due to reading this transcript and interesting discussion of it.

This video also reminded me of this recent Australian anti-domestic violence commercial that I also recently encountered. While most boys don't seem to have done this, every woman I've talked with this mentioned that as a girl they experienced at least one boy being aggressive towards them as a means of trying to get attention, and almost all of them also had at least one adult say that the boy was doing this "because he liked her".

I'd be willing to bet that almost all of the 4-6% of men who are serial rapists, and the far smaller percentage who go on to kill women started out performing these sorts of behavior as children. If as a society we came down strongly against such behaviors all levels of violence against women, from street harassment to murder might decrease. Of course, gun control would also help, since killing with knives and blunt objects works, but is far less easy, and you don't end up with dozens of dead people from a single killer.

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