May. 1st, 2016

heron61: (Hat)
I've heard a fair amount recently about how between 25% & 33% of people who have or will vote for Bernie Sanders in primaries won't vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election when she becomes the candidate (it's not really a question of if at this point). So, I decided to look back at 2008, to see how opnions were going in the Spring when it looked likely that Obama would be the candidate, but it wasn't yet certain. I found to articles on

The Clinton voters who won’t vote for Obama

The Clinton Voters who won’t vote for Obama, Part II

As stated in one of the articles:
56% of Clinton voters report they are not likely to vote for Barack Obama in the general election. As Rasmussen reports, “A month ago, 45% of Clinton voters said they were not likely to vote for Obama against McCain.”
IOW, I'm now not remotely worried that Clinton will have a serious problem with this, anymore than Obama had a problem with this in 2008.

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