Mar. 3rd, 2016

heron61: (Gaming)
Steve Russell, owner of Rite Publishing had this to say about me: "Greetings Lords, Ladies & Shapeshifters.

I am extremely happy to announce we are well past the goal of having John Snead's writing grace our fair product line. (Snoopy Happy Dance of Joy).

This makes me very happy indeed, as does the fact that I'm writing a Stretch Goal for the Lords of Gossamer & Shadow RPG, a game I very much like, which uses a version of the rules from the Amber Diceless RPG, in a fascinating setting that I like even better.

The kickstarter in question is for a supplement to this game: the Gossamer Worlds Compendium (the link is too the kickstarter, and even if you are unfamiliar with the game, the kickstarter offers an excellent deal on this book as well as the core rulebook. If you are interested in new RPGs, take a look, it's an excellent game done by a company that treats its authors well.

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