Dec. 28th, 2008

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A few weeks ago, [ profile] teaotter and I had a conversation about fan fiction. One of the things that we both agree separates fan fiction from most other sorts of fiction is that fan fiction is (for the two of us at least) specifically about reading (and in Becca's case writing) stories that specifically punch the reader or writers' emotional buttons. They are essentially emotional fulfillment wrapped up with hopefully good writing, and for Becca and I our tastes are fairly specific.
discussion of my fan fiction tastes follows )
In other news, I have a lovely new Nokia n82 phone (my big Christmas gift), with excellent gps and a marvelous camera, Becca is recovering from a bad cold, and I am in the midst of/recovering from a far more mild, but deeply annoying cold (my rather impressive immune system means that I have little experience and less patience with getting sick). Combined with the continuing reality of too much work (which ends soon), means that while the visit with my parents goes well, I am quiet tired.

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