Dec. 23rd, 2008

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Here's a wonderful and hopeful discussion of a book about an imaginary punk Muslim subculture in the US and the real Muslim punk subculture is has been creating. In addition to being interesting just for being an imaginary culture spawning a real one, it's also one that sounds remarkably positive:
For many young American Muslims, stigmatized by their peers after the Sept. 11 attacks but repelled by both the Bush administration’s reaction to the attacks and the rigid conservatism of many Muslim leaders, the novel became a blueprint for their lives.
As part of the set for an independent movie about this new subculture
Muslim punk rock musician, Marwan Kamel, 23, painted “Osama McDonald,” a figure with Osama bin Laden’s face atop Ronald McDonald’s body. Mr. Kamel said the painting was a protest against imperialism by American corporations and against Wahhabism, the strictest form of Islam.
The author wrote:
“To see these characters that used to live only inside my head out here walking around, and to think of all these kids living out parts of the book, it’s totally surreal,”
I can't think of a more wonderful thing to happen to any author.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the film when it comes out. This is one of the most hopeful and positive things I've seen coming out of the US for quite a while.

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