Oct. 24th, 2008

heron61: (Angry Dragon)
I really enjoy watching Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. I enjoy the science, the engineering, and especially the explosions. I enjoy watching fire and explosions a whole heck of a lot. However, not if people are getting hurt. I was disgusted and appalled that after Mythbusters they now have some twisted grand guignol extravaganza called Destroyed in Seconds, where viewers are treated to film footage of actual destruction. From the ads and brief clips, it looked like much of this involves destruction where people were badly injured or killed - helicopter and plane crashes, explosions in populated areas, and similar horrors. Words cannot express my disgust and my anger at showing that sort of thing on TV. Are there really that many borderline psychopaths around that such a show will get good-sized viewing audience? Are most people who watch the fun safe pyromania on Mythbusters also willing to happily watch events where people actually died. Who considered this sort of thing entertainment? This isn't fiction, it's images of events that actually killed people. Such a show seems like it is both based on a callous disregard for the suffering of others and is also something that actively helps fuel that disregard. I'm somewhat doubtful about arguments about fictional violence & death promoting a tolerance for violence, but I'm far less doubtful if people are watching what they know to be actual violence & death. I'm once again disturbingly reminded of various Robert Silverberg short stories from the 1970s, where people in the 21st century watched TV shows of people dueling to the death or being operated on w/o anesthetic.

I wonder if people in more civilized nations are also willing to watch such horrors, or if the existence of this show is yet another example of how deeply messed up and utterly inhumane this nation is.

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