Sep. 30th, 2008

heron61: (Hate-Bush)
[ profile] mindstalk linked to a truly excellent article on the history and methodology of liberal reforms in the US. I grew up in the DC area and remember the events described in the 1970s well - I saw what happened to Jimmy Carter, part of which was his own inexperience and part of which was a concerted and highly effective attack by reactionary Republicans.

At this point, I'm fairly certain that Obama will be our next president, and that he'll come into office with a Congress that will be (for the first time in far too long) overwhelmingly Democrat controlled, but I hope that he is sufficiently determined, and sufficiently ruthless to get both healthcare and financial reforms passed before the reactionaries can regroup. I was a very small child when he was in office, but (despite his unforgivable idiocy with regards to the Vietnam War) Lyndon Johnson did truly vast amounts of good for the US, with his desegregation, voting rights, education, and anti-poverty programs, and I very much hope that Obama learns to be just as effective, since he'll face opposition that will be at least as strong and as vicious.

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