Sep. 25th, 2008

heron61: (Dragons & Magic)
Yesterday, quite late, [ profile] teaotter, [ profile] amberite, and I got back from going to Crossing the Thresholds 4 and staying with [ profile] tlttlotd & [ profile] lyssabard. Air travel has gone from being deeply annoying to utterly horrid (having to pay for all beverages, including water, on board USAir planes is particularly vile), but the visit itself was a joy beyond all expectations.

Alice, Becca, and I all had a wonderful time with Lyssa and Bryce, with the only downside being that Bryce was both sick and exhausted and so we saw rather less of him that we had hoped. However, there were both wonderful conversations and equally wonderful cuddle piles. We also saw [ profile] laurelinde & [ profile] waterfire741 quite a bit and got to know both of them considerably and wonderfully better, as well as having a brief but very nice visit with both [ profile] kitten_goddess & [ profile] quorpencetta. Unfortunately, of all these wonderful people, only [ profile] waterfire741 was actually able to go to CTT. It was a small event, with perhaps 25 people, but it was also even better than any of the three wonderful and amazing Walking the Thresholds events I've gone to (which is no easy feat). We arrived on Thursday evening and departed on Sunday afternoon. Discussions of occult & otherkin oddness follows )

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