Aug. 28th, 2008

heron61: (Angry Dragon)
So, we have been waiting to get our security deposit from the apartment we moved out of at the end of July. The letter just arrived and not only aren't we getting it back, they are charging us an additional $280 (which we are not about to pay). The costs they list include a perfectly reasonable $55 for removing nails from the wall, and a truly vast sum of money for replacing the carpets - the carpets that we have on record as being badly stained and generally in fairly ratty shape when we moved in. It's definitely time to take these creeps to small claims court.

(Edit) Here's Becca's post about this, which is both angrier and more detailed than mine. The fact that she is an expert with all financial matters is a vast help. What's interesting about the landlord's letter is that it describes the minor charges (removing nails from the wall) in clear English with extensive details, while the section talking about the major charges are couched in extensive and vague legalese, IOW, basic confusion & intimidation tactics.

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