Aug. 25th, 2008

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Today (August 25) is my birthday, I'm going out to a lovely-sounding Chinese hot pot restaurant, and my wonderful friend [ profile] xtricks will be making me some sort of ice cream cake with some wonderful coconut-based dairy-free ice cream. I'll report on the day later, but I'm expecting it to be a very good day.

I also used my upcoming birthday to check on my health. A bit over a week ago, I went to have my first check-up in 7 years. I went into a doctor [ profile] lupabitch recommended, who was excellent. So was my health, she pronounced me in wonderful shape, with a blood pressure of 124/68 & the blood tests revealed an LDL cholesterol of 87 (below 160 is considered healthy), as well as generally excellent health. My plan to live long enough for various longevity therapies to be developed seems right on track.

I may not be happy with my dwelling, but I have wonderful friends, two amazing partners, a career I love, and excellent health. I'm 47, & life is good.
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We're going out to my B-day dinner in five hours or so, but for now I have time to relax and consider the last two weeks.

At the last minute, due to her sudden ability to go to an event in Southern Oregon sponsored by this fascinating-sounding organization, [ profile] shadowmorphic came up to Portland and spent Friday evening to Sunday morning with us a week ago. This was a lovely reprise of her visit to us in April, with the added bonus that [ profile] amberite was also here to see her. While completely unexpected, Jade has with great speed become one of our closest friends and someone we consider family and home in a way that is rare, precious, and wonderful. She is someone I very much enjoy having in my life and I very much look forward to seeing her again soon.

Then, this weekend, my old friend from college, [ profile] bard_bloom, his wonderful wife [ profile] beetiger, and their four-year-old child [ profile] projectmothra visited. This visit had been planned many months in advance, and they were planning on staying with us, but unfortunately, our new dwelling is significantly smaller than our last and so they ended up staying in a nearby hotel (which definitely made me sad, but worked out quite well). In any case, it was a lovely visit, and also the 2nd time I'd seen Bard and Vicky, and the 2nd time I'd seen Bard since we were both in college, far too long ago. Our previous meeting was in the Spring of 2003. Both of them seemed to be even happier than they were 5 years ago, and while I am well known for not liking and being very uncomfortable around young children. This was shockingly not the case with Rhys (Bard and Vicky's son). They are, by a truly impressive amount, the best parents I've ever encountered and while he was mildly distracting and somewhat exhausting to spend long periods of time around, being around Rhys did not set off any of the negative reactions I normally associate with being around young children and I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of individual he becomes.

It's also deeply amusing to think about how similar Bard and I turned out, with our various remarkably similar fringe subculture associations, including both poly and pagan, and the fact that we have both written RPGs (his being game, the World Tree RPG as a well done hobby, mine as a career involving dozens of RPGs). I'm also pleased that we are both obviously happier and more well adjusted than we were at age 21.

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