Aug. 21st, 2008

heron61: (Poly)
When, my parents visited last year and met Alice, [ profile] teaotter came up with the idea of going with sub rosa descriptions of our relationship on the theory that my parents might freak out about new (to them) terms like "polyamory" and open discussion of triads and suchlike, but more subtle discussions of how "Alice is very important to us" & "We expect her to be in our lives for a long time" would convey the appropriate message with far less drama, especially since they most certainly would never ask for clarification, since they have at least learned not to ask for information they don't want to know.

All that worked very well, so well that when we moved out, they asked if Alice would be moving with Becca and I in a way that assumed that they thought she would be. Moreover, they had some concern about us being able to find an apartment that would rent to three people and suggested that we lie and say that Alice with just visiting – which makes absolutely no sense unless they thought that people might freak about three people being involved with each other.

In any case, I talked with my parents yesterday, and they mentioned that they were going to see the new Woody Allen movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona because it had gotten good reviews. I'm fairly certain that they have no clue as to what the film is about. However, being mildly curious (and having no interest in ever seeing the film, since Woody Allen is generally not at all to my tastes) I read the wikipedia entry that I linked to and discovered that it was a film about poly relationships, or more specifically (and unsurprisingly) about an impressively disastrous and broken poly relationship. In addition to being curious if this film might be the first sign of increasing visibility of polyamory in mass media, much as films involving various impressively dysfunctional queer relationships (which often ended in the death of one or more people involved) in the 1970s and early 1980s were the first step in greater mass media visibility of queer romance.

Also, and more important personally, I'm wondering if there will be any questions or comments from them about the film. I'm very curious to know if this film will stir any ideas in their heads. If it does, I definitely plan to be as non-committal and possible in response to any questions.

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