Jul. 28th, 2008

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Today was the final day of cleaning. Everything is now done except the kitchen floor and about half of the refrigerator. I'll do both of those (far too early) tomorrow morning, when the people we're hiring to haul away the stuff we are throwing away in the basement and the trash from the rest of the house. After that, we'll be done and the old apartment will be clean (or at least as clean was when we arrived), so with luck we'll get our full deposit back. Once again, [livejournal.com profile] athenian_abroad went well above and beyond all expectations - yesterday he cleaned much of the kitchen, today he cleaned most of the bathroom. We need to turn the place over to the management company on the 30th, and we'll definitely be ready on the 29th.

Afterwards, [livejournal.com profile] teaotter and I went out to see The Incredible Hulk at the local theater pub. It was both good and surprising. In the Ulimates, Bruce Banner is a hubristic loser, in most other recent portrayals of the Hulk, he's a helpless victim. In this film (played by the typically excellent Edward Norton), he's a hero, from beginning to end. This is what I remember from my childhood as the early portrayals of the Hulk, and why I enjoyed reading the comic. I'm also very hopeful about this entire continuity of films, since Iron Man was excellent. The one (albeit major) fault of The Incredible Hulk is the sexism. There is one woman on screen, and her character is impressively passive and useless. This seems an especially bad Summer for sexism in geeky actions films. One reason I'm not seeing The Dark Knight until it comes to the local theater pub is reports I've heard about the truly impressive levels of sexism in that film. So far, Iron Man is the only film I've seen this summer where there are actual female characters. I will see the latest Mummy movie in a first run theater this coming weekend, because the previous two were both fun and surprisingly inoffensive, besides Jet Li remains sexy as hell, and any film where the first Qin emperor is portrayed as a villian rather than a hero definitely gets points from me.

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