Jul. 12th, 2008

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We're moving to 1917 NE 12th, two blocks north of Lloyd Center mall. I loathe the location, instead of being two blocks from Whole Foods, I'm not 2 blocks from the crappiest Safeway that I've ever seen, and 15 blocks from all other grocery stores. Given that I vastly prefer walking to grocery stores, this will definitely get me in good shape. On the positive side, the grocery stores that are 15-18 blocks way include another Whole Foods, a Fred Meyer that I currently shop at, and a very nice Japanese grocery store, and there's also a farmer's market not too far away.

In any case, I love the neighborhood I'm in, and disliked the one we're moving too well before we ever considered moving there – the nearby shops are largely chains and far more corporate than those near us. Similarly, I'm now 3 blocks from a lovely 2nd run theater where all films are 3 dollars, and snacks are good and reasonably priced. I'm moving to 2-3 blocks from two large corporate first run theaters with overpriced snacks that I largely cannot eat, and $8.00 matinees. In any case, given that I don't drive (and have no desire to) I shall need to acquire a bicycle. I find them inelegant to the extreme, and inferior in all ways (except speed) to walking, but mobility will definitely a a concern in that area.

As for the new apartment itself, it's lovely, but deeply worrisome. While quite large, it still only has two bedrooms. It also has lathe and plaster walls, and so other than small hooks installed by the landlord, and things hung from the picture rail, nothing goes up on the walls. On a related note, the landlord lives downstairs, and I'm deeply worried that he's going to be highly intrusive. OTOH, the three of us talked, and Becca and I are going to try convince my parents to buy us a condo or townhouse very soon - having been turned out of our apartment for no obvious reason will definitely help motivate them to do so. Also, if the place doesn't make all of us happy after living there a few months (I'm giving it approximately 50/50 odds for me), then we start looking for new housing in January. With luck, someplace better will be able to be found if we have more than 9 days to look for it.

However, for now our housing situation is settled, and all that lies ahead is the well known but vastly unpleasant task of moving. I loathe moving and do it as absolutely seldom as possible, but it is vastly better than not knowing where I'm going to be living. However, moving still upsets me, and going out to water the garden now makes me sad rather than happy. I will definitely not get particularly attached to any other garden in a place can be asked to leave at any time.

In any case, today provided a pleasant break. After a lovely breakfast with Becca, I went out with Aaron and Daire to see Hancock, it is a very unusual superhero movie (although less unusual than Unbreakable, and was fascinating and (in parts) well done. I'm not certain the people making it were certain what they wanted to accomplish, but it was well worth seeing and it address (in a powerful but very understated manner) issues of race, but fumbled with issues of gender fairly badly. However, overall I quite liked it. Also, the preview for the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace looks fascinating – it definitely looks like they are doing James Bond if he were being played by Steve McQueen.

After the film, I needed to get home rapidly, because I was priesting a renewal of vows ceremony for my friends [livejournal.com profile] lupabitch and [livejournal.com profile] teriel. We had gone downtown to see the bus, and the bus wasn't coming to the bus stop I was at soon enough. Then, a woman rode by on a sort of pedicab, and ask if I wanted a ride – she worked for tips. I accepted, got very fast 8 block ride to a bus stop where I had my option of 3 buses (one of which came within 3 minutes) and had a nice chat with the woman along the way – I dislike moving, but I'm still in Portland, and it is still a city of many small wonders and joys.

I then priested the renewal of vows ceremony, which was very nice indeed, and was followed by an excellent feast. All-in-all a good day.

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