May. 25th, 2008

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I've repeatedly encountered references to various unusual RPGs coming out of the various Scandinavian nations. A few months ago, [ profile] teaotter, [ profile] alephnul, and some other people I know played the Swedish game Doubt, which sounded fascinating, if both not my sort of thing and very little like anything I'd consider an RPG - it strikes me far more as like a semi-improv play, which in large part explains my lack of interest - I love roleplaying, but have absolutely no interest in, and in fact considerable reluctance to participate in any form of theater.

Today, I just encountered a write-up of this Norwegian RPG Poem - One Foot in the Wild (here's an explanation and discussion of what an RPG poem is. I'm fascinated, once again, I can't see myself doing this, and in fact, I have difficulty imagining most people I know playing this game. Even more than Doubt (which largely seems to me to be something that would appeal to people with an interest in acting and especially improv acting far more than to most roleplayers), One Foot in the Wild strikes me as the sort of game that is vividly alien to most US & UK gamers and perhaps even most US and UK residents that I've encountered and causes me to wonder what it must be like to belong to a culture where such a game is considered less strange. It's nothing that I'd consider an RPG, but it is definitely interesting.

Also, I once again see vivid proof that the world is a remarkably diverse and fascinating place. It's also interesting for me that I think that a culture where games like One Foot in the Wild are considerably more acceptable than here is from my PoV, considerably more humane than my own, but I am also vividly aware that I would have difficulty playing such a game.

In any case, it also strikes me that you could use the "RPG Poem" form as a useful form in designing ritual magic and it might in fact be an ideal method for combining the strict forms of conventional ritual magic with the freeform nature of the various sorts of chaos magic and suchlike that I largely avoid. I'll definitely be thinking more about this.

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