Mar. 15th, 2008

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The first news of today is quite wonderful, and made moreso because I found out about it first, and got to tell my dear friend Aaron – his book What Becomes You has just been announced as a Lambda Award finalist in the transgender category. I don't know the other books, but I very much hope Aaron wins. The Lambda Awards will be announced on May 29. I'm very pleased and very proud of him, and his books is excellent.

Also, Charles Stross both proves his genius and honors Gary Gygax by writing up the US Presidential candidates as D&D monsters. The result is brilliant, but I still wish that like him, I lived in an actual civilized nation and not this wretched mess.

Finally, here's a fascinating look at an argument written by 18th century social theorist Justus_Möser where he argues against the idea of changing laws so that illegitimate children and the children of prostitutes should be able to join guilds. It's fascinating to see how conservative rhetoric is largely unchanged – the exact same appeals to tradition and morality were used then and are still being used by people of similar ilk, albeit on somewhat different issues. I'll be very pleased indeed when "it was good enough for our ancestors" ceases to be an effective tactic for winning an argument.

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