Mar. 12th, 2008

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Devices that transform thoughts into speech are a standard SF trope, and now an early version exists. The comments in the video-link about later versions being used for thought-based internet queries are especially cool. However, for now hopefully Stephen Hawking will be able to make use of one of these devices, since it looks vastly better than his current options for communication. Given the many uses for private communications, I'm betting cellphone-compatible versions will be fairly common within 5 years. It will be interesting to see how these change communication - we already have people mixing private texting with public conversation, and this device takes it to the next level. Also, the ability to subvocalize a search query and then speak the answer will be very nifty indeed - I'm really looking forward to that particular piece of technology.

With luck, we'll have versions of these built into attractice necklaces, chokers, and torcs. This device might bring back the torc as a style of jewelry - at least until implants start becoming common.
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While I believe in gods and spirits, and similar oddness, I don't think any of them had a hand in creating the universe or are anything more than somewhat wiser and more powerful inhabitants of it. However, proof (on either side of this issue) is difficult to come be, and here's a short interview with cosmologist and Catholic priest Michael Heller, whose views are definitely interesting. It's a pleasure to see someone who is clearly deeply religious who isn't (like far too many Christians, and a disturbing number of pagans) both ignorant of and hostile to science. There's a whole lot that I don't approve of about the Catholic church, but Catholic scientists and theologians at least have the virtue of largely being intelligent people who are interested in the world, even if their conclusions are often very different from mine. I see the all too common opposition to science by religius people are both idiotic and doomed, just as I'm none to pleased with the blanket dismissals of religion by many devout materialists. I am always pleased to see someone who is interested in alternatives to this opposition.

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