Feb. 13th, 2008

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Yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] bruceb posted a link to something that I'd heard nothing about, a novel-length work of Firefly fan fiction, written by fantasy author Steven Brust - My Own Kind of Freedom. It's currently available in doc and pdf form, and the PDF is 168 pages long. I eventually had to stop reading last night in order to get some work done, but I'm much of the way through it and am loving it. He has the characters' voices down perfectly. Also, it's set either before or disregarding the events of Serenity, which makes it even better from my PoV.

Oddly, this is the first work by Brust that is not set in the Dragaeran Empire that I've enjoyed reading, and it's utterly wonderful.
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I assume everyone reading this has heard stories about how tests of various addictive drugs like heroin or cocaine have shown that rats provided with the means to obtain these drugs will choose drugs over food and will both rapidly get themselves addicted and never voluntarily stop using these drugs. These studies are widely used to justify laws against addictive drugs. These studies were first performed in the 1960s and have often been repeated. They have produced the current model of addiction as something inescapable, either to all users of various substances, or at minimum to people with genetic susceptibilities to various substances.

These studies are also woefully incomplete. [livejournal.com profile] siderea linked to an absolutely amazing article about the "Rat Park" studies performed by psychologist Bruce Alexander in the mid 1970s. Click here for both quotes and my thoughts about the article )

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