Feb. 5th, 2008

heron61: (I loathe Amerika)
I quite sadly largely agree with this excellent socialist analysis of Barack Obama and his campaign, not that Clinton is any different. Nevertheless, I fervently hope whichever of them wins the nomination wins the November election, because despite their very many problems, they remain vastly better than any Republican alternative. The fact that this is true is a very sad statement about American politics, but it's true and I'll definitely be donating at least some of my time to help the Democratic candidate win in November. It's also very odd to be feeling happy over Huckabee's victory in West Virginia, and yet I do, because it's equally clear that every state that John McCain does not win helps the Democrats to victory.
heron61: (I loathe Amerika)
I just got back from a local grocery store where they were playing Mardi Gras music, and it brings up thoughts of New Orleans. Last night, I watched the excellent travel show, No Reservations, where host Anthony Bourdain did a segment on New Orleans, and gave what seemed to me to be by far the best and most honest mass media picture of post-Katrina New Orleans I've yet seen. He did this while also attempting to encourage tourism, because at least the money the tourists spend helps keep people there stay employed.

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, in my mind New Orleans was a town that conjured up images of Anne Rice novels, vast parades, and a city and culture that was interesting, but quite vividly not mine, and Mardi Gras was simply an exotic custom of a distant place with a rich and exotic history. Now, my first thoughts are always of my shock and horror at the Federal response and the continuing disgraceful governmental neglect. We live in sad and indescribable times

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