Jan. 27th, 2008

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My dear friend Aaron is on the road again promoting his book, What Becomes You (which is up for a Lambda award!!!) He's going to be in the DC/Baltimore area doing a reading and performance about his book (I've been to several, and they are as wonderful and eccentric as Aaron is). The performance is on February 5 (a week from this coming Tuesday) at 5:30 PM. The performance is in College Park Maryland, here's the basic info, with map, and here's
more information about his show.

He'll also be both autographing his book and selling copies (and, as it typical for such events, he gets most of the money for the copies he sells there, so if you want a copy, this is the way to go). If you go, feel free to introduce yourself as a friend of mine afterwards.
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My friend [livejournal.com profile] athenian_abroad has written an excellent post about what being "politically divisive" really means, and how the far right continues to dominate US political discourse. I completely agree, for far too long, the far right has been setting the political agenda - with everything from the ludicrous idea that Clinton (either one) is anything resembling a socialist, or even significantly liberal, to the entire idea that "liberal" should be in any way a pejorative.

NYT Columnist Paul Krugman has an excellent column with a very similar message, that's about the lessons of the 1992 election
"So what are the lessons for today’s Democrats?

First, those who don’t want to nominate Hillary Clinton because they don’t want to return to the nastiness of the 1990s — a sizable group, at least in the punditocracy — are deluding themselves. Any Democrat who makes it to the White House can expect the same treatment: an unending procession of wild charges and fake scandals, dutifully given credence by major media organizations that somehow can’t bring themselves to declare the accusations unequivocally false (at least not on Page 1)."
In any case, because the Republican party has repeatedly shown itself to be exactly that bad (and for many other reasons) in the November election, I want to urge everyone reading this to vote a straight Democratic ticket for all federal elections, even if you normally vote Green or for some other 3rd party, not because I agree with the Democrats, but because the Republican party is utterly monstrous, and perhaps this year there will be a chance to utterly cripple it in the House & Senate and the presidency.

Perhaps if the loses in the House & Senate are as large as predicted and we have Democrat as the present, the Republican party may start to rebuild itself into something other than the party of bigots, religious zealots, and the greediest and most self-serving members of the upper class. If nothing else, a severe enough loss would kill most of its funding and so it would need to change or die (my own preference would be for it to die and be replaced by something completely different).

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