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Today (Friday) was my birthday, and I quite enjoyed it. I went out to an excellent Ethiopian restaurant within walking distance with my awesome partners [personal profile] teaotter and [personal profile] amberite. Wisely, since I was completely stuffed afterwards, dessert is tomorrow. The three of us and a number of friends are going to a dessert bar which has vegan (since I can’t eat dairy) gluten free (for [personal profile] amberite) desserts, and while I haven’t been there before, I have been to an associated food cart, and desserts are utterly delicious.

Tomorrow, I'll be turning in my latest project for the Star Trek game and finishing my 2nd (of 3) review passes of the psychic powers rules for Trinity Continuum: Aeon, both of which I'm very much enjoying. I hope all of your lives are as good.

Also, I just read an excellent article about progress written in January by the brilliant Ada Palmer, I highly recommend it (and her blog in general). It’s both hopeful and thoughtful in all the best ways.

I also encountered two very well written (and interestingly similar) articles comparing free speech laws in the US and Western Europe, both written by people from Western Europe with experience in the US, which had opposing (and in each case well-considered) views. Both are worth reading. One is from the New York Times. The other is from a blog I'd never encountered before, but which was also excellent.

The focus of both is on differences between US and EU free speech laws. I’m definitely more of a fan of the EU approach, where protecting privacy and limiting hate speech are in a some cases seen as being more important than unlimited free speech. In these days of people (especially women, LGBT people, and people of color) being targets of massive, organized online abuse, such limits seem to me to make sense, and we already know they work. Sadly, I don’t see any such changes happening in the US w/o a fairly drastically different Supreme Court.

Date: 2017-08-26 10:32 pm (UTC)
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Happy birthday!

And those were great articles/posts -- thanks for the links. :-)

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