Date: 2017-04-20 11:20 pm (UTC)
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I don't think it's a reaction to gender equality. (Which isn't really a thing, socially. It's an idea but it's still not much of a thing.) I think it's a very long term (since 1700 at least) reaction to patriarchal insecurity.

As the world gets better connected, the number of people you, as a hypothetical high-status male, both interact with and must defer to gets much larger. In a village setup, it's a small number, your perceptual space is rarely invaded by anyone else, it's age-sorted, and you've known everybody since forever so there isn't much actual social friction; you can stay in your space and they can stay in theirs and there is no status ambiguity. And ambiguity produces insecurity.

So there's a lot of pressure to remove the ambiguity because there isn't any way (inside that social framework) to make deference unthreatening, and a many-and-increasing-divisions-of-labour economy requires habitual deference to work.
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