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I remain impressed at how terrible Zach Synder is at making superhero films, I saw Man of Steel, and found it mediocre, and I actively avoided Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad, because they both sounded deeply terrible.

Now we have two very different supers films coming out this November: Justice League, and Thor: Ragnarok. I haven't loved all of the Marvel supers films, but they've all been watchable and at least mildly fun (even, shockingly Ant-Man, and some have been excellent. The difference in sensibility could not be more clearly revealed than by watching these trailers for the two upcoming films. I'm putting the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok second as a chaser to clear the grime of the first trailer out of your mind.

Justice League

Thor: Ragnarok

For me, one of these films looks like a lot of fun and the other looks ponderous, grim, and simply bad.
I also am fairly certain I know the reason Zach Synder's supers films suck so much – Batman, or (as [personal profile] teaotter, who is a big fan of Batman was quick to point out, specifically Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, a graphic novel that I failed to finish when it came out because I have never been impressed with Frank Miller, but I read enough of it to understand that this particularly grim and ultra-gritty view of Batman has informed far too many movie and TV portrayals of Batman (the IMHO impressively terrible TV show Gotham leaps to mind), but no one has taken Miller's ideas as much to heart as Zach Snyder – as I see it, Man of Steel looked and felt like it did both because Snyder was setting Superman up to meet Batman, and more importantly because like too many other, he has decided that if supers media doesn't both look exceptionally bleak and come with extra helpings of grim ultra-violence, then it's "just embarrassing kid stuff", and that any trace of fun is some sort of admission of weakness and (worst of all) immaturity.

Contrast that with all of the Marvel films, from the more serious and impressively excellent films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, to fun goodness like Guardians of the Galaxy. These are films made by people who aren't embarrassed by superheroes and who don't think fun is bad.

Date: 2017-04-18 05:22 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mlerules
Thanks! Thor:Ragnarok looks AWESOME. I'm a fan of fun...

Date: 2017-04-18 07:04 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] rjgrady
I really love Watchmen. It's one of my favorite films, not the least because I felt it was faithful to Alan Moore's book in important respects.

Man of Steel was mediocre, not not terrible. I don't get why there are no colors or Kryptonian technology looks so primitive. But it was a cool film.

I think you missed out on Batman V Superman. Maybe I would be terribly, tragically wrong on that point if you decided to test that notion. I thought it was a fun superhero film, and my very young daughter let out whoop for Wonder Woman. It was super fun, and I was actively sweating with excitement by the end.

Suicide Squad is a different director. I was not motivated at all to see it.

As far as the Justice League trailer, I still don't understand why we are still stuck on the palette from 300 with regard to colors. But to me, it basically looks fun. "The aqua man" throwing a spear at robot aliens, Wonder Woman looking fierce but also with perfect hair, Batman being wry. I dig it. But I am looking forward to Thor more. For me, Batman V Superman was mildly redemptive after a rough start.

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